It’s a common thing to hear this,

“I have all you need for a Virtual Assistant!”

but, how do we really know it’s the real thing?

Any metrics we can use or does this really worth our time and effort to know?

Let’s admit it, we are all busy people and at times find it hard to grab some time to look what’s out there that can help us minimize the burden but important paper works of our business. Ensuring sustainability in the world of dynamic business trends, we need to cut cost from somewhere, increase bottom line and gain more time to really doing business to keep us ahead of the pack. Increasingly, professionals and entrepreneurs are turning towards virtual assistants to help them manage their everyday workloads.

With these goals in mind and achieving all those fast, we need to be smart enough in identifying what kind of help we need, who really delivers value for money and definitely worth our time.

Here are quick starter tips to help you choose the right Virtual Assistant for your business:

Virtual Assistant ServicesTIP 1:     Review profile of VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

To know the quality of your Virtual Assistant in terms of

  • academic background;
  • trainings;
  • skills and;
  • professional experiences,

it needs to be specified very clearly on a Profile Sheet. A well detailed profile will help you determine how best the Virtual Assistant can serve you. Keep in mind that this virtual assistant will be filling in key roles in your business, which makes it very significant that you need to know if these roles/functions accurately fit in to what the Virtual Assistant has already experienced working or capable/motivated of performing.

ü   CHECKpoint:                  Based on the VA Profile Sheet, take note of the key points worth discussing further with the Virtual Assistant. These are the key points that you think are related or required in performing the tasks for your business.

TIP 2:     Conduct Real Time Interview with VIRTUAL ASSISTANTOutsource Virtual Employee

Real time interview provides initial feel of communicating directly with your potential Virtual Assistant. Here, you’ll get to experience first impressions of attitude, professionalism and communication. One of the most preferred methods of communication between you and your Virtual Assistant will be through phone so it’s best to conduct Real Time Interview through phone calls.

ü   CHECKpoint:                  Make a realistic lists of what kind of help/expectations you need for your business and direction you and your VA will be heading so there will be a clear view of what’s going to happen next as you continue working with your VA.

Best offshore ServicesTIP 3:     Perform Trial Service with VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

Part of this challenge in finding the right Virtual Assistant is to convince you with quantifiable/measureable results at the initial stage.

We have this so called, “pilot project or trial service” that allows you to evaluate your Virtual Assistant service and capabilities in performing sample tasks. It enables you to see if the Virtual Assistant can quickly adapt to your unique business structure and deliver agreed standard output.

ü   CHECKpoint:                  Prepare a small task for your Virtual Assistant to perform in short amount of   time. Let the Virtual Assistant undertake this task and show you how he/she have solve/find a solution and ultimately make things easier for you to run your business.

If you take a little bit of time though, you may find that hiring a competent offshore virtual assistant is one of the best things you’ve ever done for your business. With the help of these quick checks, you will likely succeed on your first attempt to getting the best offshore services you have always needed.

When all’s said and done, there are outsource service companies like Best Offshore Service which enables you to experience other best practices plus the ones mentioned above during the interview phase, thus minimize the risk and maximize both your time and money.

Virtual Office employeeFrom here, you begin to realize that the services you are getting from a Virtual Assistant suddenly turns out to be a long term investment rather than a non sense expense.

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